Afrikelp® can be applied in roots immersion, dip, drench directly o by irrigation systems on the soil to roots, in different concentrations depending of the species and type of production.
But also, Afrikelp® can be supplied in spraying with pesticides, nutrients or alone, it applied on the leaves of plants, in one to four applications during the season generally.

Afrikelp® has been tested in different crops worldwide (row crops, vegetables, fruit trees, cereals, etc.), under different environment conditions and regions, which they have been made by independent researcher organisations, advisors, distributors, agents, partners and the Afrikelp technical department .

Afrikelp® increase the number of root tips of different plants, and thereby improve the growth of plants; increase the fruit set and the yield; improve the size of fruits and different quality parameters. Thus, the Afrikelp® use will produce higher returns with a sustainable management for the growers worldwide.

For specific question of our company or Afrikelp® use or recommendation, please contact us directly.


Afrikelp (Pty) Ltd specialises in natural growth stimulants for green plants – AfriKelp – that improves the quality and quantity of agricultural crops. The product is extracted from the giant South African brown seaweed Ecklonia maxima, and the company operates from its offices in Cape Town, South Africa.


Packaging – flobins

18 x 1000 litre flobins per 20ft container
18 cm3 net per 20ft container


Packaging – drums

25 litre drums
20 pallets per 20ft container

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