RAW MATERIAL: Freshly harvested giant brown kelp - Ecklonia maxima - grows in clean southern oceans of South Africa.
SOURCE: The Gansbaai/Hermanus area, known for its sanctuary for whales and other marine life, is far from harbours and pollution, found in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.Two ocean currents meet at the tip of Africa, the Agulhas and Benguela. They are responsible for frequent upwelling of nutrient-rich water and a high level of wave action, making a strong, fast growing plant.
QUALITY SELECTION: Only carefully selected, handpicked, quality kelp is used.
COLD MICRONISATION PROCESS (CMP): Gently treated without the use of heat, harmful chemicals, or harsh temperatures, this product is mechanically processed by the unique CMP process to release the natural plant biostimulants into a solution then finely filtered to remove unwanted particles larger than 30 micron and preserved, resulting in a natural, phyto biostimulant-rich cocktail.
NO HARMFUL ADDITIVES: NO harmful chemicals, heat or freezing methods are used.
COMPLETE FRESHNESS: Freshly harvested kelp is immediately processed to ensure retention of quality - eight hours from ocean to liquid.
QUALITY CONSISTENCY: In this, the most important step, samples of every batch are tested by an independent laboratory to check exact biostimulant levels.


Afrikelp (Pty) Ltd specialises in natural growth stimulants for green plants – AfriKelp – that improves the quality and quantity of agricultural crops. The product is extracted from the giant South African brown seaweed Ecklonia maxima, and the company operates from its offices in Cape Town, South Africa.


How it Works

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