AfriKelp® LG-1 is a liquid seaweed concentrate extracted from the freshly harvested South African giant brown seaweed Ecklonia maxima. The naturally occurring biostimulants – predominantly the plant hormone auxin – are present in a special ratio of high auxin and low cytokinin levels that stimulate the growth of crops.When auxin is applied exogenously to the plant leaves, it is transported down to the root tips and causes the roots to grow. In the root meristem, the plant produces cytokinins which are transported upwards and initiate corresponding shoot growth.

AfriKelp® LG-1 thus stimulates the plant to produce its own plant hormones to put it into balance again.

The end result means more roots, a stronger and healthier plant that can take up more available nutrients and defend itself better against biotic and abiotic stress factors, resulting in higher yield and quality crops.


Packaging – flobins

18 x 1000 litre flobins per 20ft container
18 cm3 net per 20ft container


Packaging – drums

25 litre drums
20 pallets per 20ft container


How it Works

Click on the image to see a short video on how the product works… read more

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